Privacy Policy

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The information that we collect from you:

  • Your name

  • Your address

  • Your requested delivery address

  • Your email address 

  • Your phone number


No Credit/Debit card information is held by us as payments are collected and encypted by a third party payment provider. The third party provider is regulated to keep your personal data secure. 

All information held by us is stored securely. 

We may decide to run marketing campaigns by contacting existing customers with special offers, customers have the option to opt in and out of any marketing emails that we may send.

As an internet based business we rely on the internet as advertising to promote our business. To ensure that this is as effective as possible we use a Google analytics analysis service. This provides information indicating the route customers found our site, ie through which search engines, the time and length of each visit and the pages visited. This information is for our development purposes highlighting web pages most visited and therefore most effective to our customers and will only indicate the IP address of your computer. (This is not your personal address it is a unique number that your computer gets when it is connected to the internet). The information is for statistical analysis only.

Security - All of the personal information that we hold is in strict confidence, and we take all reasonable steps to retain the security of this. We shall retain your details for as long as the law requires or you request us to remove. 

We do not share your data with any other companies, nor do we pass your information to any third party.